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What People want to do with Angie Harmon

  • An afternoon on the couch receiving intense footjob therapy from Angies big, slender feet.
  • i would fuck her in an episode of law and order
  • Put her in stocks, yank her shoes off, and tickle her feet!
  • Eat Angie's tight ass, suck her pussy and lick her crtoch for hours. Wipe my cock on her pretty face, fuck her cunt then finish by burying my cock deep in her perfect ass and cumming on her face! When I'm done, I give her over to 50 black men to relentlessly gangbang all of her holes and make a video of her gangrape.
  • I would tie her up to a rack, stretching her just to the point of being taut. Then I would tickle her ribs, armpits, and stomach until she said the New York Giants suck. Then I would tickle her bare feet with an electric toothbrush until she said "There are no good white defensive backs".
  • I would like for her to begin questioning me in a very tough kind of way. Then she would make me stand up and order me to get undressed. Then she would tie my hands behind my back so that I could't resist. then she would put a pair of stockings on my legs --black-- with a garter belt, of course. Then she would follow that up with a very high cut pair of panties, putting it on me very slowly. She would then untie my hands while also letting me know that I was not to resist. Of course I would fake resistance by insisting that I was stronger than her and that she would be unable to have her way with me. But of course, she dis. First feelinf my tight buttocks, then starting to feel and cup my balls. She then would tell me to bend over and of course I would try to resist. She then would take out her 9 inch strap on and would begin to enter it into my asshole. All the while, I would be screaming "no" while she kept on saying that I really liked it and that I shouls beg for it. Finally, when I could't take it anymore she would shove that strap-on all the way in through my panties with me coming in turrents and her pumping me unhesitatinglg telling me al the while that I was a panty boy and her bitch.
  • With a suit on like in Law & Order, I would tell her to take off her shirt, and then her stockings and panties, tthen I would lick her pussy and then let her suck my cock and then cum all over her face.
  • Wank into her gaping mouth and watch my population paste dribble down her chin.
  • suck her toe ring off.
  • i would love to watch angie worship her own beautyfull toes & feet after 1 week in nylons & heels.mmm.
  • Strip her naked and then get some baby oil and rub her whole body with it and then start kissing her body up and down and lick her legs and tits and suck on her beautiful toes and have her give me a footjob and a handjob and then bust on her feet and face.
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