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  • First I'd marry Maureen McCormick, and then we would both wear dog collars and serve Eve as personal slaves, licking her feet and legs and letting her spank us!
  • I'd call this slut Eve Plump cause her titties are so plump. Those fine boobs are fascinating. I'd keep her topless whenever we're together. If she shows up at my house wearing a top I'd rip it off her and punish her. I'd seize those gorgeous globes firmly, one in each hand easily filling them to overflowing. They'd get squeezed mercilessly till she hurts but i'd just laugh at her and tell her "that's what they're for, bitch." She'd whimper as I massaged them as hard as I could making them turn red from the rough handling. Tears would form in her eyes but I'd continue their violent groping. If she continues to protest I'd lift up her skirt and jab a couple fingers up her cunt real hard to take her mind off her sore titties. My fingers would be flying, poking inside her at a blistering pace as she writhed on the bed. When I stop this finger fucking she sighs a gasp of relief but I frighten her once again by shoving my hard cock deep in her unprepared asshole. "Oh, God" screams Eve as I savagely ream that virgin ass hard and fast. I'd stop only after I spew a big load of hot jizz inside her ass and work it in by slow penetrations for awhile. "I told you to always be topless when we get together." I growl at her. She whimpers a quiet "Yes, master." She's never disobeyed me since.
  • Im watching the Brady Bunch right now and staring at Eve's perky perfect titties and dreaming of what her sweet virgin cunt would have felt like back then. Her sister Marsha McCormack has a really nice set of tits. Man I use to wank my horny cock dreaming about having these two underage teens milk the cum from my testicles with their hod fucking pussies and mouths. The Olsen Twins have nothing on these two teasing sluts!
  • WOW Lookit those pointy tits! I'd cover her whole bod with chocolate sauce and whip cream and stick a big banana up her swollen snatch then enjoy my favourite desert, banana split! I'd make her cum many times as she wanted then fuck her cunt hard and get her to jerk me off into her face using those perfect funbags!
  • I would bend her over and plumb out her large intestine with a 20' auger.
  • Turn her over my knee and spank her ass while squeezing her awesome tits. I'd be fingering her wet gash too and when her pussy was dripping wet, I'd eat her to orgasm then fuck her doggy style before I emptied my sac into her sweet little bunghole.
  • Take her shoes off and smell her stinky feet.
  • HOLY FUCK!!! I want to see her and Maureen McCormick grinding their horny pussies together as they scream out in lust. Then I come into the picture and fuck them both silly, eventually cumming in Eve's beautiful box as Maureen spanked her hard.
  • I would take her to my home and make her strip and then run a vibrator up and down her entire body slowly moving it in her pink pussy.next I roll it around inside her wet hole then bend her naked body over a chair then spread her legs open then I pull down my pants and stick my dick straight up her vergin cunt. I then push her to the bed and tie her leg to the posts and I guide mt swollen pecker into her young pussy moving it in and out realy fast till she screams with pleasure and begs me to stop. next I roll her on her stomack and then ram my big fuck thick up her white asshole .then I sit on top of her large chest and make her give my a blowjobe running it in and out of her sweat lips till it run all the way down to her pussy.
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