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What People want to do with Jane Leeves

  • Id have Jane give me a slow, sensual footjob for hours. Afterwards I would take her down to the tickletorture dungeon and show her just much a woman can scream and laugh. Especially when I do seriously ticklish things to her helpless bare feet.
  • Give her a tounge bath while she talks dirty to me and slowly beats me off.
  • Have her talk dirty to me while I fuck her, because her voice is so damn sexy.
  • Have her lying on the bed wearing the exact same outfit as in the picture and in the same position. I'd gently kiss and lick her inner thighs. Then slowly slide down her panties and enter my cock in her wet pussy until I cum inside her!
  • Slap her around for embarrassing English people with her awful fake Mancunian accent (yeah, I know she's English but she's not from Manchester!)
  • i'd like her to dress up in 4 inch black spiked heels with ankle straps, black thigh highs, and a black bra, give me a leg show, and then let me fuck her dressed like that over and over.
  • Oh my God! Jane is sooooooo hot! I want to dress her up in some sexy heels, spread those awesome legs of hers, and fuck her until I cum on her face and mouth!
  • Can you beleive this awesome chick is 40? She could easily pass for 30! I want to fuck this MILF hard!
  • Have her dress up in that sexy nurse outfit she had on in one of this years episodes and warm me up by taling dirty to me in her sexy British accent before I fuck her pussy and cum on her face!
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