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  • we have been gangeating and gangfucking and gangraping our little whore bitch KELLY RIPA and that delicious PUSSY for over 26 years and she loves our huge tougues and loves our huge cocks and she loves alcohol and loves cocaine.
  • kelly ripa. is our little gangeating and is our little gangfucking and is our little gangraping whore bitch for over 26 years and is our little drunkalcoholic whore bitch and is our little cocaineliquid cocaine whore bitch for over 26 years.
  • the gangeating the gangfucking the gangraping that delicious pussy favorite food for over 26 years our little whore bitch.
  • kelly ripa. loves getting drunk and is a drunk and loves cocaineliquid cocaine and is our little small tiny gangeating and gangfucking and gangraping whore bitch for over 26 years.
  • On live air, id convince her to bend over the desk and fuck. Then i would lift the back of her skirt and bone her ass numb, relentlessly and cum inside. Stressed by my raging boner, ill carry her to a dressing room, lay her on a couch, give her tummy a nice rub and kiss her all over while i recklessly pound her ass from behind, fueled by her tight ass, and moans cumming several times. Being fucked to sleep, ill repeat this sexual feast upon wake until i starve to death. Really, an autograph is fine.
  • i would love eat & fuck that pussy of kelly ripa all day and all night long and the bring my brothers in to take turns eating & fucking that delious pussy all day & all night long . love jerr & brothers
  • bend her over and bury my face in her butt and tounge her asshole. after her brown-eye is nicely lubricated w/ my spit stick my dick in it and fuck her sexy ass till i unleash my cum. then eat her pussy
  • have her sit on my face and wiggle around. then get het on all fours and screw her up she butt until i blast my cum load all over her sexy back and ass!
  • I would love to use her totally naked for an entire weekend during which I would perform every conceivable sex act with her. Her tits are full of milk because she is still nursing, so, I would put my stiff cock between those two plump balloons and ride her chest for hours while I repeatedly shot y cum all over that adorable face. I would then kiss and lick those gorgeous toes and the soles of her beautiful feet which I would then jerk-off all over. I would stick my fingers in her shaved pussy and open it up as wide as possible and look up inside her. I would then use my tongue and fingers to play with her G-spot until I made her cum several times. I would then turn her over and have fun with her wonderful bare ass for hours. I would stick a yard long flexible dildo up her anus all the way and work it back and forth while she squirmed and squealed with delight. I would have her get on her hands and knee with her two tits hanging down like utters. I would then milk her like a cow until she filled two wine glasses with her milk. We would then make a toast and drink her tit milk together. I would then fuck her for hours, until we were both exhausted and passed out. When we both woke up, I would really start to get creative with that little sweety.
  • I cannot wait to see this fucking cock teasing cunts new t.v. show. I'm gonna tape it and jerk off 50 times to each episode. I'm already turned on from seeing the trailer where she has the cake cream all over her face and the cleavage shirt. She is just so sexy! I would gladly suck her asshole every day for an hour.And my god does she have pretty feet!
  • I would love to produce the "Live with Regis and Kelly" show for just one day. It would be a day that would make television history. At the start of the show, the announcer's voice would be heard saying, "Ladies and Gentlemen, Regis has taken the day off. But don't worry Kelly has talked a very special person into being her co-host for this morning,so here they are Kelly Ripa and Kathie Lee Gifford!!!" The audience would be in stunded silence for a few seconds, but then go wild with applause as Kelly and Kathie Lee walked out holding hands andwearing only short terry-cloth robes and barefoot. The would stand just a few feet in front of the first row and still holding hands and waiting for the applause to die down. Then Kelly would say ,"See!! We really do like each other!!!" They would both look at each other and giggle while Kathie Lee would add, "Let's show them how much, Kelly." " Ready when you are Kathie Lee," Kelly would respond. Then with wickedly sexy smiles on their faces, they would both open their robes and drop them to the ground while the entire audience gasped in shock. Kathie Lee and Kelly would both be completely naked. Then to the wild cheers and applause of the audience, the would both strut back and forth in front of the first row balanced up on the balls of their bare feet like nude Las Vegas showgirls and waiving like beauty contest winners. They would then walk over to the two hosts' stools and sit side by side. They would then grab their nipples with their fingers and shake their milk filled tities to the delighted cheers of the audience. They would then both lean over toward each other and give each other a long passionate French kissing while squeasing their tits causing their milk to squirt out all over each other. They would both then lean back against their stools and lift their feet up in the air pointing the beatiful soles of their sexy feet directly at the audience and wiggling their bare toes at them causing even louder appause and cheering. "More! More!!" The audience would yell. "Show us EVERYTHING!!!" Kelly and Kathie Lee woud look at each other ith those same sexy, naughty smiles and wink at each other. They would then lift their legs straight up into the air while pointing their toes like ballerinas. They would both then spread their legs open as wide as possible revealing their beautiful, cleanly shaved cunts and their cute, puckered anuses. The studio audience would be going wild now (both the men AND the women) shouting, "Show us more! Show us EVERYTHING!!!!" Kelly and Kathire Lee would look at each othe puzzled for a few seconds and the would realize what the audience wanted. They would start rubbing their pussies to get them wet and would then stick their fingers inside as deep as they could and pull themselves open as far as they possibly could. There would be several gasps of shock nd squeals of titilation from the women in the audience while the men roared their approval. Both Kelly and Kathie Lee wold start masturbating with one hand while holding on to each other with the other hand. Soon They both would be squealing and kicking their legs up and down while ejaculating puddles of cum all over the stools.
  • I would invite kelly Ripa to a party with about a hundred "pipa" fanatics. It would be held in a large room with a circular bed in the center of of the room. After we got "Pipa" drunk, we would strip her completely naked and lay her down on the bed with everyone gathered around to watch. She would begin by lying face down with her arms and legs spread eagled. She would lift her bare ass up and down humping the bed while everyone cheered and applauded. Then she would roll onto her back and put her beautiful feet into the air and grab her ankles letting everyone see her shaved pussy and the soles of her perfect bare feet. She would then start pulling on her nipples and squeazing her milk filled tits untill milk squirted out of her nipples all over her naked body. All the time, Kelly Ripa would be giggling and squealing "Do you like what your'Pipa' is doing 'Big Daddy'?" Then she would pull open her shaved pussy about three inches while everyone whistled and cheered and applauded. With her feet still in the air, she would start fingering her pussy, Her voice would e trembling with sexual excitement as she talked to herself and her pussy while masturbating, "That's it, 'Little Pipa', show 'Big Daddy' and his fiends how we make you CUM. Make Momma proud of you, sweety. Get ready to spray your cream for all of the nice people, honey. Oh, Yes! OOOH, YES!!! Let's squirt for 'Big Dady' and his friends, sweety!!" Her feet would start shaking and her whole body would go stiff as Kelly shrieked, " I'm CUMMING! I'm CUMMING!!" as milky, white girlie cum squirted out of her hairless pussy. She would then collapse on the bed writhing on her back covered with sweat and with a big smile on her face. She would look up and ask, "How was that 'Big Daddy? Would you like your 'Pipa' yo do it again?"
  • I'd throw a doorknob covered in maple syrup at her head.
  • The best thing about this cockteasing whore are her feet.After 3 c sections,and babies,I doubt that her cunt is very tight anymore.If you saw the footage of the dirty talking strip tease she did in Brasil,it's obvious that she wants to be dominated and humiliated.I would like to see about 300 guys jerk off all over her back stage b4 she comes out for the show.Then have her come out and sit down like nothing is wrong and see the shock on Regis's face.Then she can explain on national tv what a filthy whore she is,and that she is proud of it
  • First I'd slap the cockteasing bitch Kelly Ripa around a little until her lips were bleeding and she was crying and begging me to leave her alone. Then I'd tie her up and tickle torture her tender, helpless little feet and make her chant "I'm a cockteasing bitch who deserves to have her feet tickle tortured" over and over in between her ticklish screams and gasps for air. Then I'd make her pull on my yogurt cannon while I licked her sweet ticklish toes until I blasted a load of hot splooge all over her whimpering little face. Then I'd bury my fingers in her tender, ticklish armpits and twist them around mercilessly at the same time as I fucked her little cunt silly so Kelly Ripa wouldn't know whether to scream in orgasmic pleasure or ticklish agony. She'd be a prisoner of her own nervous system, just spent ticklemeat by the time I got done with her. Then, just when she thought I was going to leave her alone, I'd start to lick between her toes and tickle the soles of her squirming little feet all over again. Kelly Ripa needs to be tickled tortured, fucked and completely humiliated. Bitch.
  • I'd have her come out on"live" and admit how she loves to tease guys with her feet by wearing those slutty shoes.Then I would have her french kiss Regis's asshole while all the guys in the audience come up on stage and jerk off all over her feet.Then she would take her face out of regis's ass,pull off her shoes and eat all the come off of them and bring her foot to her mouth and lick them clean.Then regis would put a leash and collar on her and make her lick all of the cum that was on the floor.Lastly,she would look at the camera,call herself a cocksucking slavecunt and apologize for being such a tease
  • I want to take off the panies that she is wearing and sniff the pussy and ass parts of the panies. Then I would bend her over and lick her asshole clean while she calls me a black bitch. Then I would take off her shoes and lick and suck her feet until she came. I would give anything to suck that bitches toes! if her daughter has feet anything like her moms I would suck them too!
  • Kelly Rippa has the sexiest feet that I have ever seen. If it was up to me I would fly to New York rip off her shoes on national t.v. and suck her toes like they have never been sucked before. I would suck her feet while her husband fucked her then I would lick those gorgeous legs up and down. When she was about to come I would push her husband out of the way and suck out all of her pussy juice.
  • Execute her on national t.v. while Regis was fucking her in the ass. I'd do it by putting her retarded fucking head in a vice and slowly closing it. As she screamed, Regis would fuck her harder and when her head finally exploded, Regis would take credit by saying,"Look America! I fucked Kelly Ripa's haed off!!" ...applause...applause...
  • PLEASE! Someone exterminate this spic-fucking slut and all her race-polluted mutt kids!
  • my god this woman needs to suck my dick and be all perky about it. her little body is so hot. regis is talking like that cause he's got a boner. i'd lower her onto my dick slowly and look up at her making some ridiculously sexy faces, then i'd probably blast all my seed in like two seconds
  • listen... when she is on the live! show flashing her soles and toes innocently all the time, she knows EXACTLY what she is doing. she knows that there are HORDES of horney guys (like myself) who would love to suck her smelly feet. She is a SLUT, and sluts need their feet sucked.... i would love to smell and suck her feet after she has been in nylons all day when they are all hot and smelly... then i would fuck her brains out while i licked the soles of her feet THAT SLUT!!!
  • rippa a new asshole with my big coch then have her lick it clean
  • While her husband & children were forced to watch, i'd rape her asshole repeatedly drawing much blood. Afterwards, i would force her to her knees. Grabbing a wad of her hair with one hand & gripping her kneck under the chin with the other, I would force her mouth down on 10 inches of fat cockmeat. Balls deep i would force her head, only removing my hand from her throat to smack the stupid bitch while I called her whore. I tell her to cup my balls with one of her hands while using her other hand to finger my asshole. Then i violently slam my hips into her fucking face, listening to her gag, sputter, & choke on my hardness. Sucking her own feces from my ridged boner. Thick strands of her drool & spittle oozing down from where mouth meets cock, as her pathetic whimpering pleas for mercy only send vibrations around my shaft. Then I spunk into her mouth & make her swallow it....then i'd make her watch me kill her whole family, then i'd kill her. The End!
  • Ripa her pussy apart with my cock while I gave her the fucking of a lifetime with it.
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