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What People want to do with Lorianne Crook

  • The comment is : I used to watch country western bullshit just to catch a glimpse of slutty Lorianne Crook uncrossing her legs and giving the tv audience a shot of her panty covered pussy. I finally decided to let her know just how hard she gets me. She has always been most definitely one ass-fuckable, cock-teasing slut bitch. I'd wrap one of her sexy little scarves around her throat and half choke her out as I rip off the rest of her clothes, spread-eagle her on the cold concrete floor of my basement and tie her so tight her hands and feet start to turn purple. Charlie asks me if I have to tie her up so tight but I can already see his bulge as he anticipates my foreplay for his co-host slut Lorianne. I want her tied tightly as I torture that sweet, hard-bodied bitch. I will work over her nipples, breasts, flat belly, thighs, calves, bubble-ass and back with whips and corded wire; slashing the shit out of that gorgeous torture toy. She'll scream as I fist-fuck her up to my shoulder. I'll be so deep up her tight ass that she'll feel my fist right under her tits. She will almost stop breathing as I shove a huge spiked dildo deep in her creaming pussy while I keep twisting my arm back and forth that's shoved up her asshole. I will double-fist that bitch until she passes out. When she wakes up she will be hanging upside down by her ankles, with her legs spread wide apart, her arms bound behind her. Her tits and stomach, ass and thighs will be open for my "loving" attention. She whimpers as I shove fish-hooks through each of her pert little nipples and stretch them with wire tied off to the wall. I then open up her cunt and asshole by forcing two large sized speculums deep into her eagerly waiting holes and open them up wide; stretching her until she almost splits. Man she looks sexy with her pussy and asshole spread wide open. Lorianne looks even better as she reacts to me dripping hot candle wax into her cunt and asshole. It sizzles as it splashes in her wet pussy slit and I completely fill up her bowels with hot wax. I stretch her nipples out further with little pulley wenches until the fish-hooks just start to tear out of her body. I tie them off like that and grab a hugh baseball bat sized spiked dildo, cover it with vicks vapor rub and spicy hot anal lube and show her how far I am going to shove it up her ass. She screams when I rip the speculum out of her asshole without closing it and then grunts and groans as I forcefully shove that huge dildo deep down into her asshole. I plunged it down until I saw it bulge under her breastbone. She jerked so hard that she ripped the fish-hooks right through her nipples. I woke her up with smelling salts and punched the shit out of her for passing out. I left the dildo deep in Lorianne's ass keeping her body straight like a flagpole. But since she ruined my fun by not allowing me to rip the hooks out of her nipples I shoved large meathooks through the thickest part of her breasts and then really stretched the whore bitch's tits. She could only groan as she gasped for air the pain was so intense. I took my acetylene torch and lit her ruined nipples and breast meat. Man she smelled good as I cooked her flesh. But the best smelling part of her was when I held that torch to her shaved pussy. Her cunt lips and clit blistered up nicely as I burned the outside edge of her asshole. The inside of her rectum was protected by her huge spiked ass-fuck tool. I jack-off repeatedly onto her glowing skin and then while she is still anchored in place by her spread ankles and meathooked breasts, I plunge my hunting knife into her cunt and slit her straight down through her tight belly, through her belly-button, right down to her breastbone. As her fuck hole and belly spread apart I can see the entire length of that baseball sized dildo. I rip it out and can see her bowels and intestines as everything starts to shift and fall out of her. Right before she passes out for the last time I grab both cables attached to the meathooks lodged deep in her breasts and with all my strenght I rip them out. Her awesome tits split right across the middle as her body drops from her tits being unsupported. She swings from her ankles as I admire her eviscerated body. Her wide-open eyed expression is priceless so I cut off her beautiful head and place it on my bedpost to keep me company at night. Man what a fuck, torture-toy Lorianne Crook turned out to be.
  • I love to strip Lorianne Crook competely naked from her head (with that very sexy smile) all the way down to her gorgeous and sexy feet and toes. I would then have hr shave her pussy right in front of me until it was completely smooth and hairless. I would then have her dance for me with a long, thick dildo sticking out of her cunt and another one sticking out of her ass. As she danced closer to me, I would grab her by her beautifull tities and squeaze them u8ntil milk squirted out of her
  • I would go out on a date with her and give her the opportunity to prove that she is a crook by stealing my heart away.
  • I'd have Lorianne in a saw-the-woman-in-half box. I'd do the trick. Next, I place her upperhalf on the floor and place her lower half on top. I'd take her shoes off thus revealing her nylon clad feet. Now to take full advantage of Lorianne Crook's feet. Using a stiff shaving brush I'd slowly drag the brush up and down her insanely ticklish feet. Lorianne would go bonkers in total hysterics. After an hour, I'd stop and tear her nylons off exposing her beautiful naked feet, and declare it "Tickle Lorianne Crook's feet Day"
  • Now, this man has obviously been planning this atrocity for some time. That makes it both funny AND scary, which seems to be the piont of this site. There's not enough humour in the world and far too much violence. Make love, (with a consenting partner) not war.
  • One look at her and my cock starts twitching because I desire to fuck Lorianne like a mink in heat. She is very pretty so I want to watch her throat spasm as she attempts to swallow my meat.
  • She has a very sexy smile and mouth. I want to feel my cock ejaculate in her creamy mouth while I nibble her clitoral love button.
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